Ishmael Perez
Ishmael Perez
Guitarist. Singer. Composer. Producer.




Meet Ishmael

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Ishmael Perez was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Local resident to Hollywood, You can find him playing and singing a variety of Blues, Soul, & Rock n’ Roll at venues including: Harvard & Stone (House Band), Harvelle’s Blues Club (Concrete Kiss), The Phoenix (Ease Dropper Trio), The Everly Kimpton Hotel Hollywood (Ishmael & The Deep Blue Sea). His dedication to echoing the sounds of the un-official “California Soundtrack” has allowed him to carve a path all his own.

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Join me

Upcoming Performances

thursday, May 2nd

/ the deep Blue Sea- 9pm


everly kimpton Hotel

hollywood, Ca

saturday, may 4th

/ jazz & burlesque- 10pm

The Three Clubs,

hollywood, ca

sunday, may 5th

/ the deep blue sea- 12:30pm

melrose trading post

Los Angeles, ca

thursday, may 9th

/ ease dropper trio - 9pm

the Phoenix.

los angeles, CA

saturday, may 23rd

/ jazz & Burlesque -10pm

The Three Clubs,

Hollywood, ca

wednesday, may 22nd

/ ishmael & The Deep Blue Sea - 9pm

hyperion public

silverlake, ca

monday, May 27th

/ the deep blue sea - 1pm

idle hour,

north hollywood, CA

thursday, may 23rd

/ ease dropper trio -9pm

the phoenix

los angeles, CA

thursday, may 30th

/ concrete kiss - 10:00pm

Harvelle’s blues club

santa monica, CA